Sipo Egg with Shrimp and Ham is the perfect party dish. With mixed vegetables, shrimp, and ham smothered in a creamy sauce; it’s a sure crowd pleaser!

I haven’t featured my mom’s recipes in a while, and since we’re less than two weeks away from Christmas, I thought I’ll share with you one of the special dishes she always cooked for the holidays when I was growing up.

This sipo egg brings many fond childhood memories, mostly her methodically prepping the fresh veggies early Christmas day while my brothers and I snacked on the icy cold buko salad she made the night before. Happy times indeed.

Sipo egg is a delicious Kapampangan specialty made with green peas, carrots, singkamas, and quail eggs smothered in a rich, creamy sauce. I do have a simple vegetarian version already in our recipe archive but we’re making it extra special today with shrimps and ham.

I hope you include it in your Noche Buena festivities. A delightful medley of texture and flavor, it’s guaranteed to please the guests!

Not only is this creamy vegetable dish a tasty and budget-friendly addition to any celebration, but it’s also effortless to make and can be doubled (or tripled) for a large crowd. With the simple tips below, you’ll have this sipo egg with shrimp and cubed ham ready to enjoy in no time!

Tips on How to Make Sipo Egg with Shrimp and Ham:

  • Please skip the boiling and peeling and use canned quail eggs. They are available at most Asian supermarkets or can be ordered online and are relatively inexpensive. Just drain from the packing liquid, and they’re good to use in your favorite recipes.
  • Although I’d love for you to save time and extra work, I don’t recommend using frozen carrots. Much of the enjoyment comes from the combination of creamy sauce and crisp vegetables, and frozen carrots don’t hold up as well as fresh.
  • Once you add the all-purpose cream, simmer on low heat and do not boil to keep the sauce from curdling or separating.

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